360° Rotating Seat Cushion

360° Rotating Seat Cushion

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Regarding elderly, kids, injured ones or even disabled, everyone can get in & out of your car EASILY & PAIN-FREE with 360° Rotating Seat Cushion!

Sit & spin freely on this cushion in full 360 degree. You can enter & exit from the car seat without straining your joints, back, hip & leg muscles. 

This 360° Rotating Seat Cushion is made of premium memory foam - It offers soft, comfort & zero-limitation seating experience during journey. Plus the anti-slip base, it firmly stays in place even you spin hard on slippery leather car seats.


- Get In & Out of Car Easily - Just spin around to get off!
- 360° Rotatable Seat - Easy to get off for the elderly, kids & disabilities
- The 360° Rotating Seat Cushion is Soft, Breathable & Comfortable - Reduces strain on joints, back & hip muscles that are used every day to sit & stand
- Memory Foam Layer - Provide a soft seating surface, turning hard surfaces into a comfortable seat
- Anti-slip Base - Ensure the cushion to stay firmly in place
- Increase mobility of your car, home or office
- Suitable for limited spaces in cars


- Material: PP, Flannel, Memory sponge 
- Diameter: 40cm


1 x 360° Rotating Seat Cushion