Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow

Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow

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Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow - As Seen On TV


The Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow is your perfect solution to getting a good night's sleep! Are you tired of waking up to a hot pillow? Do you suffer from night sweats? The Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow is your answer! It creates the perfect sleeping temperature, ensuring you get the best sleep possible. Simply fill with water for relief! It is portable and reusable, perfect for home or away! It is non-toxic and non-gel. It will transform the way you sleep!

It has an innovative cooling technology. Simply fill Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow with water for cool relief. It creates your perfect sleeping temperature and is portable for a good night's rest anywhere. Not only that, the Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow relieves foot pain and relieves back pain.


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1x Chillow Pillow Cooling Pillow

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