Box Theater Doll House

Box Theater Doll House

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Do you believe in happily ever after?


Introducing the Box Theater Doll House (Build it yourself!). Tell a story about how the two rabbits met and have a happy ever after to your little ones and their friends on any occasion through this Box Theater Doll House. This will help to develop children's hands-on skills, and strengthen their thinking and imagine ability. Please read instruction and follow the steps to finish your assemblage. You will get the joy after you have finished assembling this Box Theater Doll House.



- Safe to Use: Main used materials are paper, wooden, silicone, plastic, resin and cotton.
- It is a Box Theater Doll House that all parts are unfinished, need to assemble by yourself. 



1. Includes all furniture displayed
2. Finished size : 8.4*14.3*2.6cm
3. Materials: metal, wood, fabric, paper, plastic
4. Comes with an manual instruction
5. Accessories like glue/tools/battery not included
6. Handcraft tools needed: paper scissors, knife, hole maker, precision tweezers, screwdriver, adhesive
7. The item comes with pieces, need to be assembled

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