Drain Weasel Clog Remover

Drain Weasel Clog Remover

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Unclog your sink, shower, or tub instantly with the Drain Weasel.


This wonder tool uses wands that are covered in hundreds of tiny hooks that grab onto hair clogs. The slim design fits down any style of the drain.

The Drain Weasel Clog Remover clears out clogs without having to take your plumbing apart—or use harsh chemicals. Simply crank the handle to work the long, flexible wand down the drain.

The grasping hook and loop material on the end latch onto hair and debris. You reel it back up, then pop the disposable tip—and gunk—off into the trash.

Your hands never need to touch the yucky stuff.

Drain Weasel Clog Remover Features:

-Works with most bathroom drains without disassembling the drain stopper
- The Drain Weasel Clog Remover do not need for dangerous chemical drain cleaners.
- Resilient, all molded-plastic shaft, navigates and spins through pipe bends better than other tools.
- The micro-hooks won't hang-up on drain apparatus like non-resilient hooks and barbs - easier insertion and removal
- More substantial handle for all-important rotation of micro-hooks into hair clogs
- No sharp barbs.
- The quick-connect spinning sleeve makes for easy attachment/removal of hair-snagging wands.


Package Inclusions:

1pc * Drain Weasel Clog Remover

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