Free Motion Darning Embroidery Foot

Free Motion Darning Embroidery Foot

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★★★★★ "This really works perfectly. I nailed the first time since I never used one before. I would recommend this product to a first timer or professionals. It’s fast shipping and will give A+ to the seller." - Diana, 45, Pennsylvania, Sewing For 25 Years

★★★★ "This foot is good for machine quilting. It is easy to use and worked terrific for my machine. I am becoming an addict in making quilt projects because of this tool." - Tina, 33, Wisconsin, Crafting for 12 years.

★★★★ "This embroidery foot makes my life easier in making quilts. There are no snags, no broken needles, and no more looping. You cannot go wrong with this product! Buy one and you will be rewarded for all your quilting projects." Lynn, 65, New Orleans, Die-hard Quilter For 30 years.



You can quilt a series of concentric, geometric spirals inside a square block. The lines don't have to be even and they don't even have to be perfectly straight to add extra depth and dimension to your quilt using Free Motion Darning Embroidery Foot

String of Pearls, Photo via ChristaQuilts

To quilt the square spiral design shown above, start stitching on one side of your square. Using the edge of your foot as a guide, sew until you are about ¼ inch to ½ inch away from the edge. Stop with your needle in the fabric. Pivot, and then sew another straight line next to the edge. Continue in this manner until you have quilted the entire block in one continuous pattern.


Another great way to add interesting quilting with a walking foot or regular sewing foot is to stitch a series of straight lines spaced very close together over the surface of your entire quilt. This is sometimes called "matchstick quilting" and is a very popular design to use for modern quilting. This is possible because of Free Motion Darning Embroidery Foot.

Cycles 2 Quilt, Photo via SheCanQuilt

To machine quilt matchstick lines, simply start on one side of the quilt and stitch a line from one end to the other. Do not worry about keeping your lines completely straight. Organic, imperfect lines actually add more interest to the quilt. Continue stitching in the same direction all the way across the quilt. You can periodically mark a straight line with painter's tape to keep the lines going in roughly the same direction.

Triangle City Quilt, Photo via SheCanQuilt

Quilting lines spaced further apart look great on quilts with large amounts of background negative space. They can be quilted at a diagonal angle across the quilt to add interest and break up the space. So don't feel limited if you can't or don't wish to free-motion quilt your creations. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, and it all starts with a straight line.

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