Gathering Presser Foot

Gathering Presser Foot

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★★★★★ "Works as promised. Very pleased. Will most likely order a couple more - have more than one machine. Would recommend this accessory. -  Denise Flamming, 38, Arizona, Sewing For 5 Years

★★★★★ "I bought this cause I do a lot of sewing and I was spending to much time on gathering. It is easy to use and saves me much time. I wish I would have bought this year's ago. It's work's well on all frabic that I try so far and it didn't take long to learn how to use it. This is going to be one of my favorite sewing foot that I use a lot. Greg happy with it.Julia Milliner, 77, New York, Quilter For 40 years.

The Gathering Presser Foot is used to form soft gathers in fabric. You can gather a single layer of fabric, or you can join a gathered fabric to a second, flat fabric simultaneously. The Gathering Presser Foot works best with softer, lightweight fabrics.

(NOTE: If you use have a snap on adapter, please buy this version of the gathering foot instead! Thank you! )

Description: 100% Brand New & High Quality

Suitable For: Very popular and fit for most of household multi-functional sewing machines: Singer, Baby Lock, Brother, Janome, Kenmore Juki Toyota Sewing Machines




This Gathering Presser Foot  might look different depending on the brand of sewing machine you have. The one shown here is quite old, and came with my 1950s Singer machine. It just gathers a single layer of fabric as you stitch along, which you then sew onto some other fabric. Other versions can both gather your bottom layer of fabric while stitching it to a flat fabric layered above.


The Gathering Presser Foot  works best with lightweight to mediumweight fabrics. For heavy fabrics, you will probably need to use a different attachment called a ruffler or pleater.  

The shape of the presser foot acting together with the feed dogs underneath the fabric creates the small gathers in each stitch. 

The stitch length determines the size of the gathers. The longer the stitch length, the more fullness in your ruffle as more fabric is drawn up in each stitch with longer stitches.

★★★★★ "I have the Singer Confidence 7470 low shank snap on presser feet. This gathering presser foot fit perfect. I did not have any issues with attaching it at all. Just needed to remove the snap on piece to remove that whole part so I could put this one in its place; as it is attached to its own shank. Of course I just started to play and even without instructions I was making my gathers. Still have to practice because you need to know which stitch widths and lengths and all you want for what type of gathering you would like. I really like this gathering foot and can't wait to see what I will master and create with it. -  Margaret Raven, 42, Michigan, Sewing For 15 Years

Use this foot to try these techniques and projects! 

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