Auto Lock Guitar Hanger

Auto Lock Guitar Hanger

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If you are living in a small apartment or you just do not have enough extra space for your instrument, then you will definitely need a good instrument hanger like this. Our Auto Lock Guitar Hanger adopts the patented automatic lock mechanism technology to hold your instrument securely . 


✔︎ AUTO LOCK DESIGN GUITAR WALL HANGER: Lock your guitar automatically when putting guitar neck on the arm and automatically release when lifting your guitar with the Auto Lock Guitar Hanger. It is extremely convenient comparing to traditional manual locking. This Auto Lock Guitar Hanger protects your instrument from dropping from the hanger.

✔︎ EVA CUSHION PADDED ARM ACOUSTIC RACK: It is super easy to install and is directly screwed into walls to hang anywhere. It protects your instruments from scratching.

✔︎ SAVE SPACE BASS WALL MOUNT: The Auto Lock Guitar Hanger helps to save so much extra space in your room and it provides space to prevent your instruments from crashing against the wall.

Package Details:

1x Guitar Hanger
2 x Screws
1 X User Manual


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