Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers

Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers

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The Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers lets you curl your hair without damaging it! Just wash, wrap damp hair in rollers, and enjoy a good night sleep; wake and slide the rollers out of your big bouncy curls! The Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers are made with super absorbent memory-foam core that wicks moisture out of your hair while remaining dry to the touch Saves you time during your morning routine!


SAVE TIME: Dry and style your hair while you sleep and save time during your morning routine!

STOP DAMAGING HAIR: Super-absorbent heat-free Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers can curl your hair without damaging it. If hair is thick, air dry to 80 percent dry before you wrap.

SOFT MEMORY FOAM CORE: The Nighttime Styler Hair Curlers are as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow & Microfiber material holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries fast.


1 .Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Towel and air dry hair until damp but not wet.
2.Apply styling product. You know your hair best. Apply the styling product you would typically use to straighten hair (Hair Oil/Serum, Leave-In Conditioner, Mousse, Anti-Frizz, etc).
3.Divide hair into sections,combing each one smooth as you add rollers in. 
3.While holding the strap out of the way, wrap a section of hair below the strap and around the roller. Roll hair away from your face. 
Note: The tighter you wrap, the tighter the curl. 
4.To secure, position the roller so the strap is closest to your scalp. Wrap the strap around the roller in the opposite direction as your hair and fasten to the hook and loop strip along the base of the roller. 
5.Now, get your beauty sleep! Wake up and slide the rollers out of your bouncy curls. 
6.Apply a light hair spray to hold the look longer.

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