XM-L T6 Super Headlamp

XM-L T6 Super Headlamp

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Whether you're out in the wild, or with your head under the hood, this XM-L T6 Super Headlamp fits your need. Featuring 5 Bright Lights shining with over 12,000 lumens that will be sure light up anything that you need it to. 

When the batteries are low, a red indicator will light up. Remember all these times where your pocket light just died in a really bad timing? Never again! You'll always be warned whenever the batteries get low. You'll be able to avoid these awful, awkward situations. 

As soon as the batteries do get low... You will be able to charge it using a conventional USB plug! The battery life on a full charge is 5 to 7 hours. Has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours! You can go in any excursions without being worried about running out of light. 

You have 4 different lighting modes: high/middle/low/flashing working with the high-quality CREE T6 LED chips, which are as bright as a spotlight. The XM-L T6 Super Headlamp has multi-function capability, it can be used as a headlamp, flashlight, wast lamp, or desk lamp. These will allow you to use this headlight during any activities like biking, hiking, walking, caving, mechanics, plumbing, walking your dog, boating, canoeing, camping, jogging, backpacking, fishing, household work, kayaking, etc.

Did we tell you about its durable aluminum alloy crust and its special abrasion resistance? Its waterproof design protects the headlamp from water and small amounts of submersion, this means you can use it on rainy or sunny days without issues! The XM-L T6 Super Headlamp will never fade away as most other tools do. Keep it shiny and functional for as long as you want. Never spend another dime on buying a new because your old stuff got unusable.

The headlight can be comfortably adjusted up to 90 degrees. Point it wherever you need to look. You won't have to turn your head uncomfortably just to illuminate the area.



The adjustable and elastic headband makes it convenient to quickly put it on and off. It will fit all head sizes; no need to buy multiple ones just because your friend's head is smaller than yours.

The XM-L T6 Super Headlamp has lightweight design makes sure you'll stay comfortable after long uses. Say goodbye to the pain of wearing heavy lights all day. It weighs around 250 grams.

*Please charge the batteries 8-10 hours before using for the first time.*
*Please take the plastic off the batteries before putting them inside the headlamp, they will cause incorrect charging.*

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