Portable LED Hug Light

Portable LED Hug Light

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Wear it around your neck and keep your hands free for your project, repair or task.



- This Portable LED Hug Light is flexible, rugged and portable to task lighting - that keeps your hands free.- The soft LED light will not bother anyone nor harm your eyes. Direct the light exactly where you want it.

- The Portable LED Hug Light is perfect for attaching the light to the side or hood of a car for repair... or to the side of a machine in the shop to really light up the work area for that machine. 

- This is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

- The Portable LED Hug Light has 4 level brightness. 1st Click is Wide Angle Light, 2nd Click is Spotlight, 3rd Click is &hearts Spot&Wide light, 4th Click off.

- All of the rugged plastic housings are water resistant.

- Lightweight, Compact, Portable & Durable. With only 3-ounce weight, the bendable book light doesn't require much space and can fit easily into your carry-on suitcase.



Material: ABS
Net Weight: 58 g
Package Weight: 108 g
Color: black, pink, blue, green
Power: 5 W
Maximum Range : less than 50 m
Power Generation: hand pressure



1* Portable LED Hug Light

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