Magnet Window Cleaner

Magnet Window Cleaner

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The Magnet Window Cleaners are modeled after the same hoses used by professional firefighters and can deliver everything from a fine mist to a powerful stream. With five settings, you'll be able to simply twist the nozzle and adjust it to power clean household siding, dirty vehicles, or driveways. Just twist the nozzle of Magnet Window Cleaner to water bushes or mist flower beds, twist to power wash houses or cars clean.

Is it comfortable to hold? Yes! Its rugged design provides long-lasting durability, and the ergonomic shape allows you to use it longer without fatigue.

Magnet Window Cleaner FEATURES:

EASY ON THE HANDS: Ergonomically designed for comfort, reinforced with nylon and soft rubber.
DURABLE: It fits any standard 5/8" hoses, with tough high-grade stainless steel fittings, and aircraft-grade aluminum.
MULTI-SPRAY: Five spray settings and pressure control technology... twist left to adjust spray, right to close up without any hassle.


1x Magnet Window Cleaner

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