Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator

Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator

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Do You Want To Achieve A Flawless Foundation Finish?


Achieve that flawless foundation finish, smooth and radiant looking skin with the new innovative Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator!

Our Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator uses delicate but powerful vibrations that spread the foundation and other makeup bases evenly on to your skin while enhancing absorption. It has over 10,000 vibrations per minute that stimulate and increase the circulation of your blood on your face, making your skin glow and get that smooth skin tone and texture!

Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator Features:

- A smart makeup applicator that vibrates to achieve a flawless finish.
- Over 10,000 vibrations per minute by this soft and elastic puff that helps give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture.
- Spreads and adheres the foundation, BB cream, and other makeup bases thinly, evenly and clog free while enhancing absorption.
- Leaves your skin with a professional finish and a flawless complexion.
- The 10,000 vibrations provide healthy massages to your face as they increase the circulation of blood and make your skin glow.
- With these healthy vibrations, you get perfect V line as continues usage tighten your face skin and makes it more elasticated hence delaying the aging process and eliminating wrinkles.

Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator Specifications:

Material: ABS + Synthetic Sponge
Puff: Contains Latex
Size: 43 x 68 mm
Washable: Yes
Power: Less than 80mA/3V
RPM: 12,000 rpm/min
Components: Vibrating Puff Device + 2 Puffs
Battery: 1 x CR2032 (not included)
Net Weight: 50g

Package Inclusion:

1* Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator

2* Puffs

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