Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt

Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt

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ADJUSTABLE: Quick and simple to open and close. It is 1.5 inches wide in width and thick and. The Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt has side holsters for concealed carry for daily use. It is super solid that it holds gears with great precision.

This Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt is great for hiking, casual events, law enforcement activities, light combat, gun carry and utility uses as well.

Not only that, the Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt comes with removable buckles.

TSA COMPLIANT: This waist belt has an ultra tough lightweight military belt buckle design made of heavy duty metal. The canvas cloth and heavy duty metal buckle make it light weight and perfect for travel, sports and work.

WATERPROOF: Stay dry every day! It's waterproof resistant fabric makes it great for casual use as well as camping, hunting, police firearm, firefighter and wilderness forces. It gives strong support while training. This is one Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt that can take a lickin' and keep on tickin for life!

QUALITY: This is a fully functional premium buckle that stays locked and fastened so the layered strap wont sag, slip or bend. The material is sealed so thread ends wont rip or fray. This Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt is great for suits, jeans, pants and shorts.


Product Features:

Material: Polyester(Nylon)
Buckle size: 5.6cm *7.6cm
Belt width: 4.3cm
Belt lenght: (125cm)

Package Details:

1x Military Style Tactical Nylon Belt

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