Multi Angle Mitre Cutter

Multi Angle Mitre Cutter

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The Multi Angle Mitre Cutter is all you need to get precise miter cuts. Featuring a sharp blade and an anvil with pre-set angles, it can make clean, angled cut to different materials without crushing or deforming them.



The has Multi Angle Mitre Cutter 7 different angle cuts. Can cut in 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°, and 135° angle. Easily choose the right angle to make moldings, inlays, seals, and dowels for photo frames, door and window fittings, and other craft and carpentry projects.  

The Multi Angle Mitre Cutter  cuts different materials and it can cut through wood, PVC pipe, plastic, tile trim, wire, leather, and rubber which are between 5m to 15mm thick.

Ergonomic design: The shears’ handle is made of plastic for soft, easy grip. While the anvil offers a spot to hold your material in place. The sharp, stainless steel blade provides clean cut through materials effortlessly without damaging them.

With safety mechanism: This Multi Angle Mitre Cutter  has a locking lever that locks the blade in place when not in use to prevent accidents and injuries.

A must-have in your toolbox. Easy to use and carry anywhere. A must-have gear for DIY enthusiasts and regular handymen.


NOTE: Please do not cut heavyweight material or project, as cut steel material. This product is very easy to twist to your shear Angle.

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