Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit

Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit

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What is Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit?

- Make your walls and trim look new again with this Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit
- The Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit is a fresh coat of paint to spruce up a room until real life resumes and the blemishes start to multiply. Scratches, nicks, scuff marks and nail holes.



- Easy to use: Fill pen directly from the paint by using the syringe.
- Nylon brush-head and twist-activated barrel give precision control for mess-free projects.
- Convenient: Simply rinse the brush-head, replace the protective cap and conveniently store in a drawn after finished for future use. Keeps paint vacuum sealed for years of use, no more crusty paint cans.
- Mess-Free: Mess-free touch-ups to any painted surface, no paint brush or paint can needed.
- This Touch-Up Paint Pen Kit  is a must-have for every home owner. Also, great for art and craft.  



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