Digital Angle Finder Protractor

Digital Angle Finder Protractor

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The Digital Angle Finder Protractor combines the ruggedness of analog rulers, both standard and metric, together with the digital accuracy for measuring inside, outside and reverse angles. Precise measurements prevent waste by facilitating exact miter cuts. One button activates the reverse angle function, a hold button digitally saves the measurement and the large knurled locking nut holds the angle manually. A big LCD readout makes measurements extremely easy to read while a center check notch enables exact ruler placement marking. This Digital Angle Finder Protractor is ideal for framing, custom furniture building, stair and patio construction. flooring, tiling and many woodworking, carpentry and contractor needs in the shop and in the field. Power Source Lithium Battery (included).


- This Digital Angle Finder Protractor is a digital stainless steel ruler and angle finder combo makes precise measurements for easy woodworking.

- This Digital Angle Finder Protractor has lock and reverse angle functions that make all types of work easy and fast.

- It has hinge mechanism on the angle rule allows a full 360-degrees to measure inside outside and reverse angles.

- Woodworking tool can be zeroed at any point in the swing; digital measuring stick has a length of 5 inches.

- The Digital Angle Finder Protractor comes with a large easy-to-read LCD display; never guess or eye ball the angle and length again with one convenient tool.

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