Retro Record Rug

Retro Record Rug

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The simple pleasure of dropping the needle on a record and soaking in the warm, analog sound is enjoying a long-playing comeback.

Vinyl is once again the preferred format for artists and audiophiles alike, so welcome guests to your home with the nostalgic nod of this Retro Record Rug.

Main Features:

- Uniquely designed and made of high-quality materials.

- The Retro Record Rug is soft and comfortable when you step on it.

- It is great for computer chairs or coffee tables, put it in the middle of your living room or in front of your audio setup.

- The Retro Record Rug has anti-slip bottom made from tiny rubber beads keeps the Retro Record Rug firmly in place even on hard floors.

- Made of high-quality print means the rug won't fade, even in sunlight.

- The short pile fabric is super soft like velvet, hard wearing and easy to clean.

- No azo and formaldehyde added it is more environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications:

- Pattern: Retro record
- Thickness: About 8mm.
- Fabric Material: Polyester Fiber
- Small: 80 x 80cm
- Medium: 100 x 100cm
- Large: 120 x 120CM

The Retro Record Rug is a wonderful decorative indoor housewarming gift for family, neighbors, acquaintances, Christmas decor and a lot more.


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