Power Scrubber Set

Power Scrubber Set

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Get A SPARKLING Clean Home/Car In Seconds WITHOUT The Hard Work
Want to make cleaning your home EASY?
This Power Scrubber Set is the FASTER, EASIER and far more EFFICIENT way to clean DIRT and GRIME - NO matter what the job!

It comes with 3 VERSATILE Brushes for every scenario - CLEAN your bathroom tiles, floor, bath, shower, kitchen sink, cooker, pans, car seats, tires & MORE

UNIVERSAL fit for most cordless drills and drivers (1/4 inch change shaft). NYLON bristle WILL NOT scratch your surfaces

Get a PROFESSIONAL cleaning experience in your home which will SAVE you TIME, EFFORT & ENERGY

Laser Mode allows you to just point and measure distance INSTANTLY! DO NOT second guess your measurements EVER AGAIN


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