Handmade Black Skull Dice (Set Of 5)

Handmade Black Skull Dice (Set Of 5)

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 Up your game to a hardcore level at the gaming table with this Handmade Black Skull Dice! Each dice features tiny skulls to represent each D6 roll faces, each intricately handcrafted to add a morbid character. Makes a perfect party accessory or surprise a skull-lover friend.


  • The Handmade Black Skull Dice is made with resin material, good feel and quality Applicable to the collection, gifts, for personal use.
  • Function: The Handmade Black Skull Dice is cool and beautiful, the golden skull head can be seen clearly, which makes you very cool in the game, good for you to play with your families or friends at home or parties
  • Convenient to carry: you can keep it in a small bag , easy for you to carry wherever and whenever you need
  • Each of the sides of the cube has from 1 to 6 skulls instead of dots
  • Size: Single length * width * thickness 1.8 * 1.8 * 1.8cm 

Package Details:

1x Handmade Black Skull Dice

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