Perfect Seasoning Spoon

Perfect Seasoning Spoon

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Season your food like a pro with the Perfect Seasoning Spoon. This spoon allows no margin of error in seasoning any food you're cooking. It is a hollow seasoning spoon that works as a sifter and shaker. You can fill it with the desired amount of powder or seasoning and control how you spread it with minimal to no mess.

The  Perfect Seasoning Spoon is well designed with holes that break up any clumps in powder or seasoning and sift it evenly. Simple to use, simply slide to open, scoop flour, confectioners, cocoa powder or seasoning and then shake like a maraca over the food you are preparing.


 Perfect Seasoning Spoon Features:

- Perfect for flour, confectioners or cocoa powder.
- The maraca-shaped sifter is easy to control and scoops the desired amount of powder.
- Breaks any clumps in powder while distributing powder simultaneously.
- The  Perfect Seasoning Spoon is great for cooking sauteed meat or fish and baking sweets.


Material: Plastic
Size: About 18.5*4*4cm
Color: Blue& Green

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