Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat

Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat

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The Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat is a 150" diameter toy playmat that folds easily into a storage bag for instant clean-up. Once you buy it, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. Time that used to be wasted on clean-up will be yours again!

Have No Trouble Picking the Best Toy Storage Bag!



TIME-SAVING: Stop wasting time on finding every little piece, just pull the drawstrings and clean-up is done. Now you have extra time in your day! 

EASY TO CARRY: Sealed bag with sturdy shoulder strap is easy to carry with you anywhere - from the living room to the playroom, to a friend's house or on a trip. 

MULTI-PURPOSE: This Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat is perfect for all sorts of different toys! 

EASY CLEAN: Extra durable fabric is easy to clean by simply wiping down. 

VERSATILE: The Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat starts as a huge floor mat that extends out to 150" offering plenty of space for your kids to spread out their toys and play. When play is finished, the storage bag offers tons of room for small and medium sized toys.

CONVENIENT: Done playing? The Drawstring Toy Bag Play Mat easily pulls into a portable bag with shoulder straps. Simply grab and go! With a quick pull of the drawstrings, cleanup is complete! No mess and all toys will be stored, ready to go for the next play session.

DURABLE: Made of strong nylon material in a sleek blue color make this kid's activity mat the ultimate in smart, no-hassle storage. NEW DESIGN features a double cord lock which provides an easy opening and closing system with much shorter cord length than the previous design.


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