Valentines Day Flower Bear

Valentines Day Flower Bear

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‘Tis the month of LOVE, step your game up this Valentine’s Day!

Let your loved ones feel even more special by giving them this unique gift. A cute and cuddly Valentine’s Day Flower Bear could never go wrong as a surprise! This gorgeous decorative teddy bear is made of soft synthetic roses in a romantic color in red, pink and white. It’s the perfect gift that will look great as a decoration piece in your loved one's home or office. Made with roses, these custom made bears last a lifetime with no care needed! You can even squish it and the petals will go back to their form.


Valentine’s Day Flower Bear Features: 

- The Valentine’s Day Flower Bear is made from non-toxic and three dimensional flowers.
- It comes in two sizes: Small (25x20cm) & Large (40x25cm)
- It is ultra soft, waterproof, durable and doesn’t fade
- It is very stylish and hand crafted with quality


Just like your love for her should be, these faux roses will last forever. This Valentine’s Day Flower Bear will always remind them of your special moments every time. This makes a great gift idea for any special occasion such as wedding, anniversary, birthday or even a peace offering present.


Who wouldn’t love this heart melting present? Surprise your girlfriend, fiance, wife and mom this coming valentine’s day! Make sure you get them this Valentine’s Day Flower Bear. Place your order NOW!

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