Woodworking Drill Bit Set (5-Pack)

Woodworking Drill Bit Set (5-Pack)

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Woodworking Drill Bit Set  Features:

- This Woodworking Drill Bit Set is safe and accurate to use in a drill press. 

- The head is good at removing debris and it works efficiently with curved design.

- The tip is especially designed to cut through hole cleanly and is great for boring concealed hinges and door locks.

- This Woodworking Drill Bit Set has high hardness, wear resistance, toughness, heat and corrosion.

- This Woodworking Drill Bit Set is applicable to various gypsum board, plastic board, and all kinds of wood board.

Product Features:

- Material Type: Tungsten steel

- The product has 2 flutes designed to make professional flat bottom holes and clean through holes.

- It has 2 cutting teeth and 3 spurs preventing the bottom side from being torn out.

Package Inclusion:

5X Woodworking Drill Bit Set

Note: When you using this drill bit, the materials ( wood, plastic products, plywood ect.) temperature will get very high, please add some water or coolant to avoid the material creating smoke.


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