Zip-N-Hit - Batting Practice Without A Pitcher!

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Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer

A batting trainer that 'throws' curveballs, sliders, fastballs and changeups. Now you can get batting practice with all types of pitches, without needing a pitcher. Zip-N-Hit batting trainer acts like a portable batting cage or pitching machine, allowing batters to improve their baseball swing almost anywhere. Players have fun while developing confidence and power.

Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer Is Easy To Use

Simply pull cords apart to "zip" the pitch to the batter. It acts like a portable batting cage. Practice hitting pitches of different speeds and movement.

'Throw' a Perfect Pitch Every Time

Pitcher should hold handles firmly, keeping cords tight with as little slack as possible. Starting position of the ball is near the handle end of the cords. To 'pitch' the ball, assume a solid stance. Pull the handles evenly apart and slightly back, keeping the cords pulled tightly throughout the duration of the pitch. Pitch speed varies with the force used to pull the handles apart.

Everything You Need

Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer comes with an attachment clip and strap, to practice almost anywhere.

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